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Welcome to Sanofi US Scientific Exchange

The Scientific Exchange organization will lead the industry in expertise, innovation and candor by creating and executing on medical strategies that drive measurable health impact, results and value to key decision makers, health care providers and their patients.

We work in the following therapeutic areas:

Diabetes: Our Diabetes Medical Affairs team is dedicated to improving diabetes care through the provision of fair-balanced medical education and support of scientific research solutions.

Cardiovascular: Our Cardiovascular Medical Affairs team delivers scientific information, education, and research solutions related to cardiovascular disease states.

Renal: Our Renal Medical Affairs team provides educational resources for patient care and the latest updates on the management of CKD-MBD.

Oncology: Our Oncology Medical Affairs team is committed to translating science into elective therapeutics that address unmet medical needs in the cancer and organ transplant fields.

Biosurgery: Our Biosurgery Medical Affairs team develops clinical solutions across a wide range of surgical fields. Our online resources include topics related to osteoarthritis management.

Visit our dedicated portals for each division by clicking the links at the top of this page.

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018

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